Features overview

See in detail what Market•r can give you.
Mix any of these features to build outstanding campaings.
Use the collected data to optimize your campaign right away.

Convert passers by into clients.

Camera module. Learn what your actual demographic audience looks like.

Powered by artificial intelegence.

The video module constantly scans the proximity and records all the data that it sees.

It's all GDPR compliant as processing of images is made real-time on device and only anonymous data about the audience is stored. Events are stored in real-time and the audience is classified by age, gender and emotion.

Our reports also show distribution of shoppers by time so you can precisely see when your target audience is most present.

It's not all about data as the video module can be used to engage the audience. Market•r can trigger an event when a certain demographic is detected.

Scan over 13 standards of barcode and qr codes.

A simple but very powerful tool. Shoppers will pick up a product and scan it's EAN code or a special QR and see the results on screen.

After the scan anything can happen: show an interactive page about the product, launch a presentation video, recommend own product if the shopper scans something from your competitors.

The reader can be configured to only accept certain codes and ignore others. After scan events are configured from our online CMS and can be changed and adapted at any moment.

Anything from static images to games

This is what your clients see and interact with. Highly responsive and bright, a portal to endless opportunities.

A picture is worth a thousand words, dynamic content is limitless. Communicate your brand in an animated and attractive fashion or take it to the next level and mix brands in the same space for a multi-campaign implementation.

Collect quizzes, share discounts or engage shoppers with fun applications like "wheel of fortune". Creativity is the only limit.

Market•r knows when someone is nearby.

Stand out from the crowd by reaching directly to the nearby audience.

Human presence can be used to trigger actions: play an audio clip to grab attention ("Hey! You! I got something for you"), change from a standy video to an interactive app, start up a LED strip light show or move a product using actuators.

Now that you have the shopper's attention use the other features of Market•r to make him part of your story.

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