Digital promoter

Engage shoppers with interactive multimedia campaigns and collect data without requiring direct interaction.

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More than a tablet

Unique capabilities

Be gone cardboards, digital POSM era is here! Trigger content or collect data without requiring shopper's action. Be creative!

Interactive display

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Bright, responsive multi-touch interface, viewable from all angles. Empower shoppers to discover your products or increase retention by engaging them in fun applications with rewards.

Artificial Inteligence

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Grasp the power of computer vision! Market•r's camera scans the in-store traffic from it's field of view and gives you a detailed report where each face is classified by age, gender and emotion.

Data and proximity sensors

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Sensors facilitate innovative and creative campaigns. Market•r knows when a shopper is passing by and can grab attention with audio, visual or mechanical CTAs.

Never tired

Professional and reliable

Built with industrial components, Market•r does not need to take a break. Our dedicated operating system and apps give full control over the device's capabilities.

Our clients

We love creative clients that are open to innovation. Our loved ones include:

Take control

Remote control CMS dashboard

Change campaing visuals or device parameters, view and download all the collected data with just a couple of clicks!

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